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Fill In Organist

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When your fill in musician almost gets you fired…lol (59532)

Who Are Me To Judge – Prelude

“Who Are Me To Judge – Prelude” featuring Andrew Caldwell and the Judge Nots. The “Who Are Me To Judge” single produced by Music Man Dre Productions, featuring Andrew Caldwell, will be released on March 4, 2016. The song will be available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and other online retailers. (13877)

Adele – REMEDY (Lili Forbes Cover)

Here’s a cover to Adele’s REMEDY performed by my wife Lili Forbes. This was my first time shooting and editing a music video. Hope you enjoy. Credits: Writers: Adele Adkins, Ryan Tedder Vocalist: Lili Forbes Music Production: Andre Forbes | Music Man Dre Productions Video Production: Andre Forbes | Music Man Dre Productions Year: 2016 […]

My House Beat

This is what happens when a music producer goes banging on things around the house…lol Enjoy! (1120)

Powerball Jackpot for Jesus

With the jackpot at close to a billion dollars, it’s no wonder the saints be gambling too…lol (6470)

Tone Deaf Singers Be Like

It would be nice if she would find a key and stay in it…lol (3837)

The Wardlaw Brothers “Come Through” (Official Music Video)

Song: Come Through Artist: The Wardlaw Brothers Music arrangement by: Andre Forbes Release Year: 2015 (291)

Black Friday

There’s other people’s BLACK FRIDAY and then there’s my BLACK FRIDAY…lol (1721)

Thanksgiving Fast

Pastor asked them to do what?? We’ll see how the saints respond…lol (2991)

The MD Life: Beets by Dre (Episode 3)

The MD Life: Beets by Dre (Episode 3) – Aside from just being a musical director, my drummer found out that I make music in the studio as well and wanted me to hook him up with some ‘beats’. I’m not sure if he likes me anymore…lol Written by: Andre Forbes Performed by: Andre Forbes […]