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Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas – Andre (Short Piano Cover)

Decided to play a short piano cover for the Season. Happy Holidays to all! Enjoy! Piano Cover by Andre Forbes Original song by Frank Sinatra (1093)

Key Drums “Fiyah Hot!” by Andre Forbes

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Decided to do a Key Drums video. I know it’s been a while…lol I call this one “Fiyah Hot!” Enjoy and share! (1042)

Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) Neo-Soul REMIX

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Decided to do a Neo-Soul REMIX of “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”. Enjoy! (876)

My House Beat

This is what happens when a music producer goes banging on things around the house…lol Enjoy! (1165)

Inspirational Jam by Andre Forbes

Just me working in the studio working on a gospel styled instrumental I’ve called “Inspirational Jam”. Please share and subscribe to mailing list if you like the video. More videos to come! (902)

Soulful Jam by Andre Forbes

Just composing a soulful music composition in the studio. Enjoy! Download: (739)

The MD Life: Episode 1

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The MD Life: Episode 1 – Had a rehearsal for an upcoming gig. The band was sounding good, but then the bass player started giving me a headache…*sigh* (Headphones suggested for the low notes)   *note: all events in this video are fictional and for entertainment purposes only. (2507)

The Pastor Gary Jones Show

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Jesus is like a biscuit…let him sop you up. Hmm. Personal Prayer Biscuits for $777.77? Those biscuits better be straight from heaven. This televangelist just seems a little too excited. His co-host doesn’t seem to happy about what’s going on. Poor caller. (2304)

Get It Right at the Light

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When the pastor sees you bumping to some booty music, it’s got to be pretty embarrassing. Especially when it’s loud and the pastor and a deacon pulls up right beside you on the road. Good thing this church member had some church music in the car too. (3966)

All That Gossip – featuring CeCe Rogers

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Brother CeCe Rogers dropped by to sing a song, but the mother was just talking about him so bad. She was just gossiping with the saints while he’s up on stage singing his heart out. This mother just seems to be out of control. Somebody pray for the mother. (2805)

Thanksgiving Prayer

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A short prayer over your food is fine, but this is just too much. Pastor seems to have gotten a little carried away and off topic with the prayer. Looks like the saints got more than they bargained for. The pastor probably already ate before arriving. (2983)

Over the Top Piano Player – Amazing Grace

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Singers love to have a skilled musician follow them as they are singing in church, but sometimes musicians can forget that they are the accompanist. With that being said, this piano player was definitely running the show here. It sounds like he was playing all of the chords, licks and scales he knows. Poor singer. […]

The Wardlaw Brothers “Thank You” (Official Music Video)

Song: Thank You Artist: The Wardlaw Brothers Drum Programming: Andre Forbes Release Year: 2014 (175)

Mo Word “Christmas Get Down” (Official Music Video)

Song: Christmas Get Down Artist: Mo Word Music by: Andre Forbes Release Year: 2011 (168)

Jonathan Farrington “I’m Gonna Wait” (Official Music Video)

Song: I’m Gonna Wait Artist: Jonathan Farrington Music by: Andre Forbes Release Year: 2013 (226)

PMC featuring Willian Perry Jr. “Lord You’re My Everything” (Official Music Video)

Song: Lord You’re My Everything Artist: Providence Mass Choir featuring Willian Perry Jr. Music arrangement: Andre Forbes Release Year: 2010 (293)

Troy Sneed “In This Place” (Official Music Video)

Song: In This Place Artist: Troy Sneed Writer, Vocal and Music Arrangement: Andre Forbes Release Year: 2005 (427)

Jumelle “In All That I Do” (Official Music Video)

Song: In All That I Do Artist: Jumelle Music Arrangement: Andre Forbes Release Year: 2008 (146)

Just Creepy: Killer Filters | Sci-Fi Short Film

While on the phone with her best friend, a young girl downloads a new app that turns out to be much more than what she expected. “Just Creepy: Killer Filters” Starring Cameron Nichols, Kristin Sharpe, and Matt Demayo Written and produced by Andre Forbes Copyright 2020 Music Man Dre Productions (153)

NOT SO INNOCENT – Official Trailer (2019)

NOT SO INNOCENT (web series) – coming in Spring 2019 Two best friends find themselves swept into a world of deception, murder, and terror when they discover other worldly forces are after them. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There’s an unseen invasion going on that could potentially wipe out all of humanity […]

“Underground” (Short Film)

An FSU shortfilm directed by Akil DuPont. In a story told through song, Bali plans to escape from slavery after learning that his master is going to sell his young daughter, Emala. With house slave Demby, they strike out in the dead of night, singing Negro spirituals that they hope will protect them on their […]

“Silhouettes” (Short Film)

An award winning short film by Akil DuPont. A fairy tale romance about a painter who sees the world through silhouettes. A tragic adoption from an orphanage in the 1930s separates Charles from his childhood sweetheart, Sylvia. Charles only sees the world through silhouettes, but learns to express himself through art. While working as a field hand, Charles […]

“Our Rhineland” (Short Film)

An FSU shortfilm directed by Faren Humes. In 1937, under the Third Reich, Germans of mixed race are being rounded up and rendered sterile. The looming threat is dangerously close, yet two sisters struggle over how to react — Sofia yearns to fight, while Marta says cope. Their bond must be stronger than their differences […]

“The Damned” (Short Film)

An FSU shortfilm directed by Bobby Marinelli. Three survivors seek refuge in an abandoned house as they discover the source of a mysterious outbreak. Starring Elliott Goodman, Kyle McDuffie and Ashley L. Rentz. Original score by Andre Forbes. (149)

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