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NOT SO INNOCENT – Official Trailer (2019)


NOT SO INNOCENT (web series) – coming in Spring 2019

Two best friends find themselves swept into a world of deception, murder, and terror when they discover other worldly forces are after them. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

There’s an unseen invasion going on that could potentially wipe out all of humanity based on every mistake we’ve made. Only a handful of people are aware of this and may be humanity’s last hope for survival.

Angela Grace Martin, Colin Miller, Lucas Dykes, Ashley Bruce, Noah Bear Grife, K. Sidney Bronson, Rashida Marshall, Chris Widdop

Writer / Director:
Andre Forbes

Assistant Director:
Nicole Ortiz

Director of Photography:
Frank Cruz

Production Assistants:
Sam Korth
Whitney Perry

Lili Forbes
Jennifer Stallings
Jenean Flanders

Jeremy Howard


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