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Church Whipping

There’s always that one child that pushes the envelope with that one mother that doesn’t have a problem tearing their behind up at church…lol (4178)

The iPhone 8 Parody

If you liked the iPhone 7 with the removal of the headphone jack, you’ll LOVE the iPhone 8 with the removal of, well, check it out for yourself…lol (1098)

Making the Praise Team: Episode 4

The fourth person to audition for the praise team. He might not be a fit for the praise team if he can’t even sing through the whole song…lol (2809)

Feet Washing Service

Maybe this is why a lot of churches don’t do feet washing services anymore…lol (3766)

Key Drums “Fiyah Hot!” by Andre Forbes

Decided to do a Key Drums video. I know it’s been a while…lol I call this one “Fiyah Hot!” Enjoy and share! (733)

Musiician – Mango (inaudible lyrics Panda parody)

If you thought you couldn’t understand Panda by Desiigner, it just got worse. So this is what’s flying nowadays? 95% inaudible lyrics. Can we get some audible lyrics please? Is this what music is coming to?…lol (566)

Jesus vs Pokemon Go

This Pokemon Go thing is giving Jesus a run for his money..lol (1992)

Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae) Neo-Soul REMIX

Decided to do a Neo-Soul REMIX of “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)”. Enjoy! (682)

The MD Life: Back Up | Episode 4

The MD Life: Back Up (Episode 4) – Apparently this guitar player I was working with thought he wasn’t replaceable. Always gotta have a back up plan…lol Written, Performed and Edited by: Andre Forbes *note: all events in this video are fictional and for entertainment purposes only. (473)

Put Some Respeck On It

You better say Jesus’ name with some “Respeck” on it…lol (2573)