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Embracing My True Identity (VIDEO) – Marriage

My response to a question about marriage from an atheist perspective from Facebook.

Embracing My True Identity (VIDEO) – Spiritualism

My response to a question about spiritualism from an atheist perspective from Facebook.

Church Booty Call

Brother Heathen really has to do something about his booty obsession. It’s really starting to get out of control. If you have a crazy ringtone, ALWAYS make sure you cut your phone off in church…lol

Church Whipping

There’s always that one child that pushes the envelope with that one mother that doesn’t have a problem tearing their behind up at church…lol

The iPhone 8 Parody

If you liked the iPhone 7 with the removal of the headphone jack, you’ll LOVE the iPhone 8 with the removal of, well, check it out for yourself…lol

Making the Praise Team: Episode 4

The fourth person to audition for the praise team. He might not be a fit for the praise team if he can’t even sing through the whole song…lol

Feet Washing Service

Maybe this is why a lot of churches don’t do feet washing services anymore…lol

Key Drums “Fiyah Hot!” by Andre Forbes

Decided to do a Key Drums video. I know it’s been a while…lol I call this one “Fiyah Hot!” Enjoy and share!

Musiician – Mango (inaudible lyrics Panda parody)

If you thought you couldn’t understand Panda by Desiigner, it just got worse. So this is what’s flying nowadays? 95% inaudible lyrics. Can we get some audible lyrics please? Is this what music is coming to?…lol

Jesus vs Pokemon Go

This Pokemon Go thing is giving Jesus a run for his money..lol